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I am moving our web site from my old done in HTML and CSS to the new Word Press web site.  I purchased Godaddy certificates for all the web sites on my Word Press server.    The old web site did not have this nice menu that works great on all devices.   I am also reorganizing the pictures to have less duplicates and use the media library option to store by picture date.   I setup redirects for naming and https for each website in the config files. 

Ann and Kieran Homepage will have all their pictures and videos by year then month.   These will be brought into Word Press Media Library.   You can see from Sept. 2015 to now how Ann and Kieran have grown and changed. 

6.2.2019 : I have the galleries completed to May 2019.  Still need to add video links.

7.10.2019: Both WordPress servers have been migrated to 18.04.2 and latest components

March of 2019
Ann & Kieran : It will have my vacation pictures from trips with my late mother and Julie.  The pictures from my late parent’s picture albums.   The Henry Ford / Greenfield Village pictures and other stuff from before I met Amanda and got married. 

Women in STEM : I decided to create a page for Ann that features Women in STEM.   STEM is Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.  

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